Training Videos

Before we start with training videos...

Have You Watched Financial Leader Videos?

If you are still evaluating whether to join us, be sure to watch worldwide experts in the financial, investment and cryptocurrency sectors discuss the cryptocurrency market and its future!

Trend Trader Training Videos

The following links will guide you to three sets of video albums which will guide you how to best use your Trend Trader.

If you are still evaluating whether to join us, you will benefit by reviewing the first few videos in the Getting Started section below. If you want to delve even deeper, watch some of the videos in the Training Webinars and Breakfast for Traders section.

Getting Started

This album of videos provides a step by step guide on how to get started using your Trend Trader software:

Training Webinars

This album includes recordings of our training webinars which are offered live at 8PM Central Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Breakfast for Traders

Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 8AM Central Time, Trend Trader members review the morning's cryptocurrency market. This provides additional training beyond the above Training Webinars. You can watch recordings of past events below:

Want to Learn More about the Technology?

How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained

The Economics of Bitcoin & Virtual Currency

Stanford Graduate School of Business:

Susan Athey explains how Bitcoin works, and why virtual digital currency might change the way consumers and financial institutions do business.

For Additional Training