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What Do Highly Respected Leaders Say about the Future of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain?

Watch this series of videos to find out. A few of the comments are extracted in notes below also...

When is the Right Time to Invest in Crypto: Q&A with Crypto Guru Teeka Tiwari

Why Institutional Investors will Enter the Cryptocurrency Market This Year

4:30 - U.S. Advisors Act says if you manage money (e.g. mutual fund manager, institution, etc), you are not allowed to physically hold the shares. You must have a custodian. There are currently no cryptocurrency custodians. Institutional investors could not hold cryptocurrency Because there is nowhere to put it.

5:30 - We will see this year the rise of institutional custodians… For the first time, institutional investors will be able to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into cryptocurrency.

Why Wall Street Now Says Cryptocurrency reduces Portfolio Volatility

6:25 - There is a narrative circulating around Wall Street that is pro-Bitcoin because researchers have found out that if you have a normal equity allocation in your portfolio -- stocks, bonds, traditional assets -- if you add a 5% allocation to BitCoin [cryptocurrency sector in general], because BitCoin is not correlated [its price rise or fall] to gold, stocks, or interest rates, you will actually have less volatility in your portfolio… This is starting to gain traction… I believe this will become the new narrative later this year and it will be the cause of institutional money coming into the space, once we have custody.

How High will BitCoin Rise This Year?

9:45 - While the market is down [15 Feb 2018, when the price was about $10K], this is a phenomenal buying opportunity. I am going to make a call: BitCoin this year hits $40,000 to $50,000 per coin.

How the Blockchain is Changing Money and Business - TedTalks

Why SEC Announcement is Good for Bitcoin

Teeka Tiwari explains how this will attract institutional investors into the cryptocurrency market sector.

Thomas Lee - The Economics of Cryptocurrencies

This New Type of Crypto Exchange Will Be Groundbreaking

Teeka Tiwari explains a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange being introduced by the leaders of Binance, the largest exchange in the world.

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